Resorts in North Bangalore - Windchimes Resort
Earthsong by Manyata - North Bangalore

A life lived among nature need not be bereft of pampering. If you’re ever tired of outdoorsy living, you can always retreat into the comforting arms of luxury within the resort. It’s the perfect weekend getaway for both family and friends, right around the corner from the Bangalore airport.

Spread across acres of green expanse in North Bangalore, the Windchimes resort offers 5-star services and amenities, inviting you to relax and rejuvenate in luxury.

Earthsong by Manyata - Manayata Developers
Earthsong by Manyata - Manayata Developers
Earthsong by Manyata


Spread across a sprawling 30,000 sq. ft., the clubhouse has all your necessary modern amenities from pools with breathtaking views to scrumptious feasts at our gourmet restaurants. It seamlessly blends the green outdoors with indoor luxury and comfort.

sports arena

There’s so much more than just nature when you step out. We bring you a wide range of sports activities right here on campus. Try out a new sport or get the gang back together for those games you used to play before.

Earthsong by Manyata - North Bangalore
Art & Handicraft Shops in Bangalore
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Dip your toes into the wide pool of arts and crafts at our quaint little boutique village. Explore aisles of lovely handicrafts at our store. Spend your evenings at our weekend flea markets and carnivals. There’s always something brewing here.


Celebrate amidst the beauty of nature at our sprawling lawns and lovely courtyards. We also have a large indoor hall with breathtaking views of the panorama outside, and a stage reserved for all sorts of grand occasions. And of course, we’ll help you make your event a memorable one.