Road Network - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata
road network

18-and 12-meter wide main roads branch off to 9 meter wide networks. All roads have bitumen protection with added coats at all the intersections for longevity.

Pedestrian Pathways- Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata
Pedestrian Pathways

All our pathways are designed with concrete and cobblestones to make your daily strolls more convenient. We use materials that compliment the green landscape of Earthsong.

Communication Network - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata
communication network

We have pipes for telephones and data connection lines laid out for the resort, security kiosks, villas and at other necessary points.

Electrical System - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata
electrical system

All our power lines run underground through serviceable trenches with stepping systems all the way from the transformer to the feeder pillar, and finally to all the plots. Each plot is allocated 6 to 12kW based on its size.

Water Network - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata
water network

Centralised gravity systems used for our water network do not need much maintenance and hence are long-lasting. Water from the STPs is pumped to an overhead tank and then distributed for reuse.

Storm Drain Network - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata
storm drain network

There are storm drains at regular intervals throughout the campus. We have inlets installed through the road for rainwater. This water is then reused by recharge pits to increase the underground water levels in the area.

Rainwater Harvesting - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata
rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting systems are installed when it is requested by a community member. This water is used for drip irrigation and water sprinklers throughout the property.

Sanitary Network - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata
sanitary network

The pipes we use for sewage are double-walled and we ensure that the manhole chambers are placed at regular intervals along the road. This makes sure that the drainage is routed to the STP.

Sewage Treatment Plants - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata
sewage treatment plants (stps)

High-tech STPs ensure that treated water from the plants can be used for gardening and other purposes. We use CPVC pipes to transfer water from individual underground sumps to the STPs.

Street Lights - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata
street lights

There are well-lit street lights placed to illuminate all roads, landscaped zones and common areas. Keeping the concept of sustainability in mind, we ensure that 30% of our street lights are powered by solar energy.

Power Backup - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata
power backup

Power cuts will be a thing of the past with efficient backup diesel generators that are acoustically enclosed and are connected to all common areas and their STPs.

Security - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata

We have round-the-clock security with kiosks at all entrances and exits to the property. Earthsong can only be accessed through its designated security checkpoints. The property is enclosed by a boundary wall for your safety.

Landscape - Infrastructure - Earthsong by Manyata

Enjoy the scenic view of seasonal flowering trees along our avenues. 90% of the existing trees are preserved and taken care of by Earthsong. There are garden lights and seating areas installed throughout the property.

Signages - Earthsong by Manyata

Signages are placed throughout Earthsong for directions, locating plots and to identify spaces. They are installed for the safety of the resident community.

Herbs & Fruit Bearing Trees - Earthsong by Manyata
herbs and fruit-bearing trees

Landscape experts have designed grass-grid pathways through our parks, gardens and common areas. Our pathways are lined with trees kept in mint condition.